Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hey Butterfly....Open Up Your Weary Eyes


:) Oh's NOT a Clay-related post!! You can click the pics to see larger versions of the photos.

I recently made a quick stop at the NC Zoo. I'm lucky enough to live relatively nearby. I love getting the opportunity to practice my other

This past Saturday, Joey Cheek, from nearby Greensboro, made at appearance at the NC Zoo's "Zoolympics" (activities such as jumping for distance, races, navigation of a maze and other learning opportunities. The events educate children on the differences and relativity of human and animal abilities. The $1 charge to participate in the activities will be donated to “Right to Play.”)

Joey won both gold and silver for speedskating at this year's Olympics. He brought the gold metal with him.



I wasn't able to stay as long as I had hoped, but I was able to get a few additional pics from the zoo. I've uploaded larger versions in the Photo Gallery at Lordy Lordy Lordy.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

BloggerBoi Where R U?

::ducks flying tomatos::

Well, it was either that for a title or B.R.A.T. Seriously though, this has been a fun week. I had hoped we'd get another clue for the N.A.N.A contest. I figured I'd save a few entries just in case. Knowing my luck, he won't blog again before the end of the contest. But the best part of the week? Seeing these two words:

MIssing you....

I've been MIssing you too Clay.

I came across this pic over at the Clayboard. MadamePresident indicated that her friend had made it:

It just cracked me up.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Acronym Consultant

I couldn't resist. That little guy (my nephew) is a year old today.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fourth of July memories

I've been thinking about the Fourth of July lately. I have NO idea what I'll be doing this year. It ought to be interesting, compared to how I've celebrated the last few years.

Back in July 2004, I took one of my favorite road trips. Clay was scheduled to appear on A Capitol Fourth.

We were fortunate enough to view not only the dress rehearsal the evening of July 3, but we also saw Clay do his "pre-rehearsal". He was just a little "dressed down" for that performance *g*.

I took some video that day and have them uploaded to my website. "Measure of a Hum" is a particular favorite :)

Click here to go to those videos.

Another favorite video is the one I took of "God Bless The USA" from July 4. On that night, we were sitting on the steps of the Capitol Building, to ensure we had a great seat for the fireworks. When Clay started singing that could hear folks singing along....and cheering when their states were mentioned. It was truly an incredible memory.

Flash foward to 2005.

I wondered just how it'd top the previous year. Well....I didn't have to worry. I spent the night of the4th in the hospital, awaiting the birth of my nephew. He finally made his appearance the next morning.

Yeah, he's got me wrapped totally around his little fingers.

ahh....back to anxiously awaiting album news from that Clay Aiken fella. please please please let it be this week

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

29 again........heh

What better way to bring in another birthday than to watch "The Clip" from AI5 a few more times. I think I'm up to eleventy thousand by now. After that, I decided to look back at a few of the montages that I've made over the last few years. That brought a few giggles.

I've been asked if there's a place to download the "He Touched Me" montage. I've uploaded it to my site:

"He Touched Me" is the only one that shows the new look, but you'll find several other montages that I've made previously.
It's going to be a wet day, thanks Alberto :(

In other news.....tonight's Game 5.....GO CANES!!!!

ETA...I wanted to add a special congratulations to Quiana Parler, a truly amazing singer and all around beautiful person....on the birth of a very special "tiny little man" (tm Uncle Clay *g*) Chamberlain Malik Moore who was born today, 6/14/06 at about 1 a.m. He weighed in at a whopping 6 lbs. 2 oz.

Clay brought us the news via his fan club blog. Still keeping my fingers crossed that we'll get that album news soon.

Monday, June 05, 2006

He Touched Me

Recently I was over at iTunes and came across a song by Heather Headley that, well, touched me. I immediately started thinking about Clay when I heard it. It's called "He Touched Me".

For now, I'm premiering it here on my blog. I will make downloads available on my website later on.

10pm update: I'm still working on the downloadable version of the montage. I'm not happy with the way it was looking, so I'm going back and re-editing some clips. The good news, they're higher quality clips than I used the first time :)

Hopefully I'll have this finished quite soon.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Through the years

I decided to edit this entry since it takes so long to load the Flickr slideshow. If you'd like to see the pictures used, you can go here .

Many thanks to the photographers, as well as wallpaper makers! They include scrpkym, invisible926, dc4clay, musicmama, hockeydonna, mommajudy, Tasapio, clayniac2, clayperfect, Liandra, snowdrop, YSRN, mee2u2, and theheidis. There are a few photos that were not I am unsure of their ownership.

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